Penyandang tuna netra kini bisa menggunakan telepon seluler (ponsel). Sebuah perusahaan Inggris bernama OwnFone telah meluncurkan ponsel braille pertama di dunia.

The visually impaired can now operate a cellular phone (cell-phone). A British company called OwnFone has launched the world’s first Braille cell-phone.

Ponsel ini dilengkapi dengan tombol cetak 3D, sehingga tuna netra bisa membaca teks timbul tersebut. Ponsel braille OwnFone dirancang oleh Tom Sunderland. OwnFone sudah diluncurkan ke pasaran dengan harga 60 Poundsterling atau sekitar Rp 1,1 juta.

This cell-phone is equipped with 3D print buttons, so the visually impaired can read the popup text. OwnFone’s Braille phone was designed by Tom Sunderland. OwnFone has launched it to the market with a price tag of GBP 60 or around IDR 1.1 million.

Tombol Cetak 3D

3D Print Button

“Ini adalah ponsel pertama yang memiliki papan tombol cetak 3D,” ujar Tom kepada BBC. Dengan cetak 3D, menurut Tom, biaya pembuatan ponsel braille bisa lebih murah. Jadi, wajar kan harganya memang tidak terlalu mahal?

“It is the first cell-phone to have a 3D print button pad,” Tom said to the BBC. With 3D print, added Tom, the manufacturing cost of the Braille phone can be cheaper. So, it’s no wonder that the price isn’t to expensive, right?

Perusahaan lain sebenarnya ikut membuat ponsel braille. Namun, OwnFone adalah perusahaan yang pertama kali meluncurkan ponsel braille ke pasar. Berkat ponsel braille ini, tuna netra pun bisa berkomunikasi dengan keluarga dan teman.      

Other companies have also ventured in creating a Braille cell-phone. However, OwnFone is the first company to launch the Braille cell-phone to the market. Thanks to this Braille cell-phone, the visually impaired can communicate with their family and friends.


Foto: Istimewa

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