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  • Detektif Titus
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  • Kisah si Kiko
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  • Keluarga Uyung
Hi friends,
Welcome to the website of Just for Kids magazine.

Discover a variety of hot news and info as well as entertainment and educational knowledge.

Would you like to get smarter?
Read these sections:

  • Ooo Ternyata; discusses everything that happens around us scientifically.
  • Angka Ajaib; interesting games with numbers such as magic numbers.
  • Fenomena Alam; discusses the causes and effects of all events that occur in the nature.
  • IPTEK; discusses things related to technology.

Would you like to refresh your mind and have some fun in the middle of studying routine?
Read the Bilingual Cergam:

  • Kisah Si Kiko; tells about the struggles and everyday life of the baby fishes in a lake, with all their funny behaviors.
  • Petualangan Panji dan kawan-kawan; tells about the adventure of three buddies; Panji, Ping-ping, and Pinot in their mission to save the animals and environment.
  • Detektif Titus; a story about a mole named Titus and his friend a rabbit named Pubit who try to solve mysterious problems that occur around their houses.

Looking for activities to fill up your spare time?
Check out these sections:

  • Kids Reference; discusses about movies and kids books.
  • Kids Relax; there are crosswords, creativities, and humors.
  • Kids Game; Latest games.
  • From Kids; drawings, poems, science projects, discoveries, and many more made by kids.